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Why DataCore and What We Do

DataCore delivers the advantages of next generation enterprise data centers and infrastructure – today – by revolutionizing the performance, cost-savings, and productivity gains businesses can achieve from their servers and data storage.

We are leading the Software-defined and Parallel Processing productivity revolution by harnessing today’s server platforms with smart Application-Adaptive software to solve data infrastructure challenges and elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.


Why Our Customers Love Us

Surveyed DataCore™ Customers Report Up To:


Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower Cost
of Ownership

75% reduction in costs

Faster Applications


10x performance increase

Higher Availability


100% reduction in storage-related downtime

Greater Productivity


90% decrease in time spent on routine tasks

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Our unique value



Enterprise-Class High
Availability & Reliability


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership


Globally Proven Leader in Software-defined Storage


Customer Support


Validated Customer


Revolutionary Storage Virtualization and Parallel I/O Technology

What our customers are saying

  • “DataCore has quick and easy deployment. The system stability (no downtime since the start of production) and simplicity of operation through a single console is provided at a cost much more advantageous compared to hardware solutions on the market.”

    Pascal Montavon, IT Administrator, PreciI-Dip SA

    Research by TechValidate

  • “The biggest benefit with DataCore is not being locked into a single vendor for storage. This gives us the flexibility to purchase what we need – high performance SSD or low cost archival storage at affordable prices.”

    Ryan Tetzlaff, IT Manager, Open Systems International Inc

    Research by TechValidate

  • “DataCore products help improve any storage solution. The support is very good and the product evolves continuously.”

    Juan José Arruza Laraudogoitia, Chief Information Officer, Parlamento Vasco

    Research by TechValidate

Customer Stories


Customer Overview:

24 x 7 x 365 Critical Patient Care

No window for planned downtime

Clustered data centers split between 2 sites

Apps require tiered storage from multiple suppliers


Customer Overview:

Dual IT centers; Many PBs

Performance; 950 VMs / 58 Hosts

Large VMware Infrastructure

Migration & Business Continuity


Customer Overview:

Public Transportation Company

Slow Performance and Downtime 

Microsoft SQL & Dynamics

Disaster Recovery


ESG Lab Product Review >
Parallel I/O Benefits >
Lenovo & DataCore Partnership >
Hear It From Our Customers >
ESG Lab Product Review

ESG Lab’s latest report spotlights the “Top 10 Biggest Storage Challenges” and details test results on DataCore’s Application-Adaptive Data Infrastructure, self provisioning Virtual Volumes (VVols), Hyper-converged simplicity, Parallel I/O performance, automated storage tiering, continuous data protection and more…

Read the full Lab Report
Parallel I/O Benefits

Learn about our Award-Winning Adaptive Parallel I/O Technology

Do you have a need to speed up the performance of latency-sensitive applications? Or drive greater workload and VM density per server? Don’t you want to get rid of all those I/O bottlenecks causing headaches?

Unlock the full power of your multi-core servers, get the performance you paid for and reduce your costs with our Parallel I/O technology.

Lenovo & DataCore Partnership


Lenovo & DataCore: A Partnership for Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Together, Lenovo™ and DataCore™ create a storage solution that is able to harness the full potential of today's storage technology and provide the performance and SLAs needed for 'always-on' applications. This combination creates a Tier 1 storage platform, while reducing management overhead and costs that breaks down silos with a unified set of data services.


Hear It From Our Customers

Find out what our customers have to say about us!

Hear the benefits and more directly from our customers as we present to you customer case studies, quotes, tech facts, charts and data that TechValidate, a third party company, has sourced via direct research with verified DataCore customers and users.



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